Jillian Hunter's distinctive voice has never been brighter or clearer than in DARING. With a winning combination of characters, plot and quirkiness, she simply works magic on your heart, bringing joy, a smile and perhaps a tear to make it a special day.

Maggie Saunders dares to break into Scottish Lord Advocate Connor Buchanan's house to steal her friend's confession. However, she's mistaken for one of Connor's associate's daughters, witnesses his sister's kidnapping and finds herself caught by his penetrating gaze.

Connor Buchanan has worked his way up. With a brood of sisters to care for and more brotherly concern than most, he is stunned by his sister's abduction and intent upon holding the only witness hostage.

Maggie teaches deportment to a band of thieves led by an infamous chieftain. She is treasured by her laird and his people, and though they're not the upper crust, they have earned Maggie's love and loyalty. Though she fears Connor because of the power he wields, she also finds him vulnerable, loving and too attractive not to be dangerous.

All Connor knows is that Maggie had the gall to break into his home, captivate and deceive him, and then tried her best to prevent his sister's abduction. He knows he's falling in love.

From Edinburgh to the wilds of the Highlands, Connor and Maggie search for the kidnappers and those responsible for a string of murders. Though their escapades lead them through many perils, the greatest danger is in each other's arms.

If you've missed Jillian Hunter's wonderful books before, run-don't walk-to buy DARING. You'll be charmed, captivated and utterly enchanted with Maggie and Connor, the entire plot, setting and, most of all, the special pieces that make a Jillian Hunter romance a rare treat. SENSUAL (Mar., 313 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin