Image of Daring To Date the Boss (#4295)


Image of Daring To Date the Boss (#4295)

DARING TO DATE THE BOSS (4.5) by Barbara Wallace: Single mom Liz Strauss needs a raise to send her hockey player son to a private school. Too bad Charles Bishop, her annoying new boss, denies her request without even hearing her case. Charles took over the company after his father’s death, and he seems intent on making his employees as miserable as he is. Under close working conditions, Liz begins to see Charles’ human side. Charles is impressed with Liz’s seemingly contradictory combination of caring and sass. Liz and Charles are multidimensional characters who are easy to care about. Their changes are believable and inspiring, and the snowy New Hampshire setting makes this a perfect winter read.

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett