After creating a stir with her time-travel romances, Leslie LaFoy presents a historical suspense that is a rare and very special tale, combining the chill of a thriller and the passion of a romance.

Pickpocket Darcy OKeefe survives through her skill and her ability to pick an easy mark. But she blunders when she targets handsome Aiden Terrell.

Aidens looking for a guide to the underground world of thieves and low-lifes. When he catches Darcy stealing from him, he blackmails her into leading him around Charlestown in search of a madman who murders for pleasure.

Darcy has no idea what kind of web she is entangled within. Why is Aiden hunting the killer? How does she fit into his plans? Plunging deeper into danger as they get closer to catching the killer, they are thrust into a passionate relationship that can lead to salvation or death.

Merge Silence of the Lambs with a heady romance and you have some idea of Leslie LaFoys feat in DARING THE DEVIL. It may not be for every reader, but fans of thrillers and psychological suspense will be more than satisfied. Leslie LaFoy breaks new ground as she casts a spell that wont let you go. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin