Image of Daring to Dream (Dream Trilogy, Book 1)


Image of Daring to Dream (Dream Trilogy, Book 1)

Perennial favorite Nora Roberts launches a new trilogy with the highly charged DARING TO DREAM.

While born to different stations in life, three young girls grew up in the same house and have remained unshakable friends. Laura Templeton is the beloved daughter of the wealthy Templetons, owners of an international chain of hotels. Kate Powell is an orphaned cousin raised on the Templeton Estate. Margo Sullivan is the third member of the troika, the housekeeper's daughter, who dreams of making her mark as a fashion model.

Margo heads off to Europe and achieves her goals. Unfortunately, her gilded lifestyle comes crashing down when the man she thought she loved loses all her money and involves her in an international drug scandal. Devastated and broke, the prodigal Margo returns home to the arms of her friends. Somehow she must find a way to rebuild her life.

Laura's older brother, Josh, has been obsessed with Margo for years. While he disapproved of the lifestyle she led, he quietly bailed her out of her legal trouble.

In order to pay her debts, Margo will have to liquidate all her assets. Despite her anguish, Margo decides to sell off her designer paraphernalia by opening a high-class boutique. Josh's unexpected return heats up the long dormant passion between them. Are they a matched set, or is this just another phase in Margo's life?

You can always count on Nora Roberts to deliver outstanding, character-driven novels that are destined to be bestsellers. Marvelous reading! (Aug., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith