Image of Daring a Duke (The Courtesan Series)


Image of Daring a Duke (The Courtesan Series)

The fabulous and unforgettable Sophia Dalby returns in a delightful love story. Readers will be challenged to find a more enjoyable, charming and fun read this season. Dain’s wit and whimsy combine with poignancy as new details are brought to light and the door is open for another installment in The Courtesan Chronicles.

Jane Elliot of New York has come to London for a little adventure and she’s ready to take on the ton, but her two brothers are always in the way. Jane didn’t come to England to find a groom, but she can’t stop thinking about the Duke of Edenham, and it’s obvious he’s attracted to her. Who better to help a couple get together than Sophia Dalby, the extraordinary and infamous courtesan and matchmaker? It’s not difficult getting Jane and Edenham together; it’s more of a problem to keep them together when Jane announces she’s not interested in marriage. Sophia has her hands full as she manipulates another romance, but also as she struggles to maneuver her way around the Duke of Ruan and the secrets of her past. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin