Image of A Daring Passion


Image of A Daring Passion

The grand, sweeping romance filled with passion and adventure rides again as one of love's leading ladies, Rosemary Rogers, whisks us into a tale of daring passion. Leading from the high roads
of England to the French countryside,
this is a classic sexy, adventure romance. Though not The Wildest Heart or Sweet Savage Love, Rogers continues to play on the timeless themes of the genre,
providing a wonderful, albeit nostalgic, read. You can go home again.

When her father's secret identity as the infamous highwayman, the Knave of Knightsbridge, is compromised, Raine Wimbourne disguises herself as the Knave. All is well until she accosts Philippe Gautier's carriage. One look and he realizes that by holding Raine captive with threats of exposing her father, he has the key to releasing his brother from prison.

As his prisoner, Raine is swept from London to France as Philippe attempts to uncover the treachery that will set his bother free. Against her will Raine falls in love with the arrogant Philippe and is caught in his plans to unmask his enemy. Through all the danger, secrets and adventure their passion grows and with Raine by his side Philippe understands the meaning of love, forgiveness and redemption. (HQN, Oct., 440 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin