When veterinarian Alyn Blum-Jones mother dies from cancer, she receives a condolence letter from her wealthy estranged aunt Jacqueline. They have never met since Alyns mother was disinherited when she ran off with Alyns father who later abandoned them, causing Alyn to disdain both men and wealth.

Nevertheless, they begin a tentative correspondence. The day before Alyn is to visit Jacquelines estate for the first time, the press flashes the terrible newsJacqueline has disappeared! Is it a kidnapping or murder? Either way the giant Masterlife Insurance Company doesnt want to pay off on her insurance policy, so they send down bounty hunter Peter Youngblood to handle the situation.

Alyn must find out what happened to her aunt. All too soon she realizes Jacqueline has been victimized by the various men in her life. Although she cant prove anything, she suspects they may know what happened. As the disillusioned and dangerous Peter points out, Alyn is either the prime suspect or the next victim in this deadly chess game. Everyone involved has ulterior motives. Can Alyn trust that anyone is telling the truth?

Open up your walletsMeagan McKinney has delivered another darkly passionate and sinister tale of romantic suspense. Terrific! (Oct., 288 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith