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Image of In The Dark (Signature Select)
In her capacity as assistant to the general manager of New Orleans' Hotel Marchand, ex-model Julie Sullivan has many responsibilities. Preparations for the upcoming Twelfth Night party alone keeps her too busy to worry about a couple of suspicious e-mails. But Mac Jensen, the hotel's head of security, is concerned -- and, as the nuisance escalates, Julie becomes amenable to having Mac close, despite her aversion to overprotective men. Julie does have an enemy, and ignoring his release from prison would be as foolhardy as getting involved with mystery man Mac. The characters are nicely handled, and their chemistry is undeniable. What's lacking from In the Dark (3), by Judith Arnold, is real suspense -- the stalking doesn't seem like much of a threat. Julie's a nice change from the stereotypical scaredy-cat heroine, and the ultimate payoff is pretty good, which, hopefully, bodes well for the remainder of this new series.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer