Image of Into the Dark: A Novel of Suspense (Brenna Spector Novel)


Image of Into the Dark: A Novel of Suspense (Brenna Spector Novel)

Brenna Spector returns in this haunting novel that further explores the mystery of her missing sister, along with multiple murders. Brenna’s memory disorder continues to aid her in her work, but it also adversely affects Brenna, her family and her relationships. Gaylin’s well-developed, interesting characters enrich the plot in this great story.

Brenna’s disorder, which gives her perfect memory, has made her a legend with the local police and resulted in TV interviews and her inclusion in a book. This publicity leads to a missing-person job that Brenna accepts because the missing Internet performance artist’s act includes a monologue with details from Brenna’s childhood. Brenna is convinced that Lula Belle, the performer, is either her sister Clea, who has been missing since childhood, or someone who has contact with Clea. With cop Nick Marasco helping track down clues, they find that people who have had contact with Lula Belle are also missing or dead, and Brenna’s family and friends come under attack. (HARPER, Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan