Suspense fans will really enjoy the tension that Eggert creates with her love triangle. The main character is faced with the choice of two men. One is an agency man who is a carbon copy of the ex-boyfriend, who betrayed her, and one is a suspected criminal. Because this tension is the driving force of the book the characters are hard to connect with and often don't seem trustworthy. The plot also makes it hard to root for either guy.

After a close call at her classified covert government agency job, Josie Nielsen doesn't want to see any more action. She almost died despite the fact she was never a field agent. She is just fine living an anonymous life as a bartender. Josie's even found a new man who she shares a no stings attached relationship with, which is all she can handle after her agency boyfriend almost gets her killed. When it becomes clear that her new fun buddy, Johnny, is interested in more then just occasional hook ups Josie becomes nervous. Then she learns that he is being investigated as part of an international drug sting by her old agency and Josie finds herself being drawn back into a life of intrigue. She will have to figure out who she can trust. (LOVESWEPT, dl, $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak