Image of The Dark Affair: A Novel of Mad Passions


Image of The Dark Affair: A Novel of Mad Passions

Like Dickens, Claremont exposes the underbelly of Victorian society in the last of the Mad Passions books, which begins as intensely as the others, wending its way through the dank halls of an asylum, moving to an unconventionally arranged marriage and into the light. Along the way Claremont merges the Irish fight for freedom into her love story, turning this installment into a tension-laced, powerful romance.

Lady Margaret Cassidy leaves her life of privilege in Ireland to treat returning soldiers who suffer from war-related stress. Following the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, James Stanhope, Viscount Powers, locks himself in a hell of his own making. As his opium addiction grows worse, his father calls in Margaret, believing she is James’ last hope. To save him, Margaret must compel James to marry her so she can care for him. In a clear moment, James agrees. Margaret wants nothing more than to bring James back from the brink, but falling in love is not part of the plan. Margaret has a secret, and her rebellious activities could draw them all into danger. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin