he twisted rationalization formed by the mind of a killer gives DARK ANGEL a chilling and unnerving edge. Ms. Ball is an exceptional storyteller.

One minute schoolteacher Ellen Cox was calmly driving to work, the next minute her car is dangling from the edge of a collapsed bridge. For eight hours, Ellen is trapped in her car. Her lifeline is Ben Bradshaw, a doctor who stays with her during the ordeal. The publicity surrounding Ellen's rescue unwittingly launches a deadly killing spree. The killer the press dubs "the Church Pew Killer" is on a mission-and he has much to accomplish before his final meeting with Ellen.

Ellen and Ben begin building a tentative relationship. Ever since the bridge incident, Ellen has had horrible nightmares. When a reporter claims that the biographical information Ellen gave him is phony, Ellen is puzzled. There is no record of Ellen's birth in her "home" town and many of the places she remembers don't exist. It is as if her mind made up whole sections of her childhood. Ellen is also horrified when she realizes that the victims of the Church Pew Killer resemble the people she sees in her nightmares.

FBI agent Matt Graham is forced to return to the field when the killer's body count rises. Matt believes there is a link between the murders and a past tragedy. Can he find the key in time?

T(Mar., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith