The final book in Blue's
historical vampire trilogy
is a thrilling adventure that would be exciting even without paranormal elements. With them, it's an unforgettable, gripping book that will haunt you. Blue grasps the essence of the vampire novel -- the good, the vile, the sensual -- and blends them together like a grand master of the genre, holding you in her grasp to the very end.

Garth is returning to the Highlands to avenge his father's death when he's attacked and rescued by the beautiful vampire Roxanna. Recently released from a bottle (like a genie), she is starved for blood.

Roxanna plans to keep Garth alive as a food supply while she rekindles her powers to face the great and most evil vampire of all, Lucian Kivar. But she falls in love with Garth, and when she learns that he bears the mark of the chalice, the goblet Kivar is seeking, she realizes he's tied to her quest. With characters from the other novels in the series, Garth and Roxanna face Kivar. With their combined powers, they find their way out of the darkness in a scene as chilling as any Anne Rice climax. (Pocket, Jan., 268 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin