A Carpathian Christmas is what's on
tap for Feehan's much anticipated first migration into hardcover. In a spectacular balancing feat, the awe-inspiring author manages to devote large scene blocks to all of the Carpathian lovers introduced in previous books, as well as prime the setting for future adventures. Revisiting favorite couples and learning their current circumstances is what makes this book such a genuine joy.
This is a must for anyone with a Carpathian keeper shelf!

Prince Mikhail has gathered as many of his people together as possible, both to build their unity as a society and to face a growing danger. For the children's sake, the Carpathian women are determined to have a Christmas celebration that will be long remembered. Watching the Prince force the ominous Gregori into playing St. Nick for the kids is going to be the highlight of the Carpathian warriors' holiday.

Adding to the occasion's joy is the imminent birth of Shea and Jacques' first child. Interestingly, it's young human Skyler who is the first to sense the growing danger. Is it vampires or something much worse? Whatever it is, the Carpathians will meet it head on, together! (BERKLEY, Sep., 384 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith