Carpathian Julian Savage has been a vampire hunter for centuries. However, he is ready to end his existence since he has long been unable to experience colors or emotions. There is one task Julian must complete before he finds eternal rest. He has been asked to watch over a human singer named Desari, who seems to be the target of human vampire hunters.

He is almost too late, for Desari is brutally attacked and nearly killed. Julian gives her his blood and quickly realizes that Desari is not human. She is Carpathian.

But how could Desari, her brother Darius and companions Barack, Dayan & Syndil have survived so long without any of the other Carpathians being aware of their existence? Where did they come from?

Julian knows that Desari is the one he has waited forhis lifemate. But theres a dark and menacing shadow following Julian. As a child, he was marked by an ancient vampire, and their final reckoning is quickly approaching.

The exciting and multifaceted world that impressive author Christine Feehan has created continues to improve with age. By introducing this new band of Carpathians, she is setting the stage for more exhilarating adventures to come. (Nov., 377 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith