Image of Dark City (Repairman Jack)


Image of Dark City (Repairman Jack)

This second entry sets up Jack as the man he’s to become – the Repairman who settles the score for the beleaguered victims of sadistic threats. It’s a treat to see a little further into his psyche, and to get carried along in the days before a holy war was brewing and Jack was just fighting the bad guys to keep his corner of the world on an even keel.

It’s 1992, and 22-year-old Jack has more to worry about than the war in the Middle East. His favorite bar, The Spot, is under threat of being sold to the owner’s biggest enemy. Apparently, the man hadn’t gotten the message Jack had sent him about messing with his friends. This time, it’s going to take a bit more to shake bar owner Julio loose and Jack’s already formulating a plan. At the same time, Jack’s still on the run from a band of crazy landscapers who are prepared to kill him to avenge the assault on one of their own, and a crazy and blind Aman’s followers think Jack is spying on their efforts to pull off a jihad against this country. (TOR, Oct., 378 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper