Book two in Morgan's transfixing
and sexy series delves deeper into the
mysteries surrounding the Paladin program, where warriors die and are continually resuscitated. Characters who put their lives on the line daily offer a rich opportunity for tons of suspense and drama. With her latest, Morgan proves that she's no fluke but a talent that's here to stay!

When Paladin Blake Trahern learns that the man who recruited him has been murdered, he tries to find out who killed Judge Nichols and to protect the judge's daughter, Brenna.

Upon waking from the coma caused by the explosion that killed her father, Brenna is astounded to discover Blake by her bedside. Trying to cope with her father's murder, she is stunned to learn about her father's secret life. Not only was he a judge, he was also a "Regent" of the Paladin program, in charge of those fighting the battle against the "Others," who are trying to breach the wall into this world. Blake knows that the Paladin ranks may be corrupted, so finding answers and keeping Brenna safe is key. But because of the number of times Blake has died for the cause, he is in danger of losing his humanity. Can he hold it together long enough? (POCKET, Dec., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith