Since her brother's death, Natalya Shonski has fought a solitary battle against vampires. She is quite unique in that she has the blood of Carpathians (humans and mages) running in her veins, which gives her special capabilities.

Vikirnof Von Shrieder fears that he has gone past the point of no return and is turning into a vampire. His last hope lies in finding Natalya, whom he has followed across the ocean and back, to the land of his birth. When Vikirnof discovers her battling two vampires, he quickly recognizes that his life mate is no shrinking violet.

Believing Carpathians killed her brother, Natalya is distrustful and angry. But since Vikirnof is wounded, she won't leave him behind. Someone is orchestrating a dangerous plot against the prince and all the Carpathians, and Natalya fears that it is her evil mage grandfather. Events are rapidly coming to a head, and it may be do or die for the Carpathian race.
Storyteller extraordinaire Feehan finally brings together plot threads that she has been weaving for some time in this immensely thrilling book. Romance, drama, danger and flashes of humor are on full display. This a page-turner in the truest sense. (Apr., 560 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith