Seven years ago, while she was just an intern, Dr. Shea OHalloran experienced an unexpected and horrendous pain unlike anything she had ever known. It felt as if she were being horribly tortured. Event-ually the pain disappeared, but Shea never forgot. Because she suffers from a strange and rare blood disorder, Shea has devoted her life to trying to understand the cause of the condition that is slowly killing her. Shea believes that she may have inherited the condition from her unknown father.

The answers to some of Sheas questions start to reveal themselves when she is approached by two men, who make wild claims and call her a vampire. Shea runs for her life and her desperate wanderings take her to Romania and the Carpathian Mountains, where she follows a feeling she cant understand or explain.

The ancient one known as Jacques can explain. He has been using what is left of his powers to psychically draw Shea to the region. Seven years ago, Jacques was captured, tortured and buried alive by several humans and a Carpathian betrayer. The years of extreme pain and lack of sustenance that followed have nearly driven Jacques insane. Only by linking with Sheas mind has he been able to hang on to fragments of his sanity. Now the time has come for Shea to release Jacques from his horrible prison.

Shea has no idea what she has stumbled into when she attempts to save Jacques. She only knows forces she cant understand draw her to him, and through him she may unlock the secrets to her own genetic history.

DARK DESIRE is the terrific second installment in promising author Christine Feehans intriguing and complex Carpathian/vampire series. (Jan., 315 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith