As a young child, Destiny saw her family butchered by an evil vampire and she was turned into a creature of the night. The only thing that saved her sanity was a strange psychic connection with a seductive male voice that gave her hope and taught her how to survive. Through his teachings, Destiny learned to control her lust for blood and to vanquish her mortal enemy. Unfortunately, intense pain is Destiny's constant companion, but she's made herself into a hunter who kills the evil vampires that prey on society.

Nicolae Von Shrieder is an ancient Carpathian vampire hunter whose link to humanity has been the mind of a tortured child/woman. It was Nicolae who saved Destiny's sanity, but he has never been able to locate her in the flesh. Finally Nicolae feels that he is closing in, but he also knows that Destiny, who doesn't understand the difference between a Carpathian and a vampire, won't welcome him since she believes he's a vampire.

For the first time, vampire forces are gathering together in a unified plot against the Carpathians. Nicolae and Destiny may be the only ones able to begin to unravel the secret. The plot definitely thickens in the newest chapter of Feehan's tremendous Carpathian saga. As always, the romance is passionate and gripping, but there are plot threads that could lead this series into very interesting territories. (Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith