Image of Dark Embrace (Masters of Time, Book 3)


Image of Dark Embrace (Masters of Time, Book 3)

Known for her intensity of emotion and superlative storytelling, Joyce draws you into a new Masters of Time novel that will blow you away with its unforgettable alpha hero and a willful heroine who feels his pain across the centuries. While enabling the hero to redeem his honor and self-respect -- and at the same time restoring the communication and love between a father and son -- Joyce raises the bar.

As a Master of Time, Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, had sworn to protect the innocent, but when the vicious Moray threatens to kill Aidan's son, it forces him to do the unthinkable: break his vows by committing murder. But Moray takes his son anyway, and Aidan lives in self-exile until he hears modern-day Brianna Rose's cries for help.

Leaping through time, he rescues Brie, an empath, who does not fear Aidan or her journey. She has dreamt of him for years and feels his pain and need for redemption. She sees visions of his son that haunt Aidan. Knowing of the good inside him, Brie vows to free Aidan from his pain and, crisscrossing in time, she finds the means to bring father and son together. Caught in the fight against evil, Brie and Aidan will need more then the supernatural powers of the brotherhood and her friends; they will need the power of their love. (HQN, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin