The second book in the Dark Jewels Trilogy brings together a bastard knight-turned-outlaw, and a beautiful young woman on a journey to uncover her birthright.

Tara of Gaelf believes she is the midwifes daughter and has been taught the old ways, as well as Christian teaching. But the secret of Taras birth has been shrouded in mystery. Though some call her a witch, it is possible that she is the missing daughter of a noble family. Her possession of a fabulous dark emerald ring could prove that she is the lost heir of Twyll.

Banished from Twyll by his ruthless half-brother, Tremayne, Rhys leads a band of cutthroats and thieves out of dark Broodmore Castle. When Rhys rescues Tara from Tremaynes men, kidnaps her, and brings her to his stronghold, he discovers that her ring is the key to his revenge.

Though she is his prisoner, Tara finds Rhys compelling. But if she is truly the heiress, then he is her familys sworn enemy, for it was his father that murdered her parents.

Yet, they have a common enemy in Tremayne. She tries to escape numerous times, but Rhys always brings her backuntil the day she rides into Tremaynes castle and leads them into danger and a confrontation with another who claims to be the heir of Twyll.

Lisa Jackson captures the dialogue and intrigue of the Middle Ages beautifully. The story (part Robin Hood and part Camelot) of Rhys, Tremayne, Tara and Cavan of Marwood ensnares the reader in an intricate plot and holds them until the very end. SENSUAL (Mar., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin