Catherine de la Fer remembers nothing of her life before Sir Jack Marstone rescued her in a dark Paris alley. Once her physical wounds heal, he teaches her to become a master swordswoman. But nothing can protect her from shattering nightmares and visions of evil.

Jack knows he must bring Catherine home to her family, where her betrothed, the dangerous Marquis de Bauvin, awaits. It's rumored that Bauvin is a sorcerer intent on using Catherine to claim the de la Fer supernatural powers.

Veteran Regency author Harbaugh is making an impressive entry into the historical paranormal field with this book and last month's Night Fires. The emotional power of her writing is equaled only by the originality of her story and the way her unique plotlines grip the reader. With characters that leap from the pages, the eternal battle between good and evil takes on a new slant and places Harbaugh alongside such paranormal phenoms as Tracy Fobes, Christine Feehan and Susan Krinard. SENSUAL (Jan., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin