Image of Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble (Southern Cousins Mysteries)


Image of Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble (Southern Cousins Mysteries)

Sci-fi, horror, crime: it’s hard to define Wilson’s tale since it cannily incorporates all genres and, as always, the pivotal point is the inimitable Repairman Jack, one of the most original characters ever introduced to readers. This is supposedly the last Repairman Jack novel, but it doesn’t feel like an ending and we can’t help but feel that Jack’s evolution will continue on another plane.

Once again, the world is under attack from the evil forces of the Otherness, but Jack has refrained from making any moves against Rasalom in deference to Glaeken, until an open attack against the Lady frees his hands. Twice, the Lady has died and returned; she only has one more life to go before the forces of the Otherness can enact the change and affect this world’s reality. Also, Jack has been healing at an accelerated rate, preparing him to take Glaeken’s place, meaning his friend and mentor’s time is coming to an end. Additionally, Dawn Pickering has managed to track down her missing baby in Long Island, but the child is obviously another tool in Rasalom’s arsenal. Jack has only one shot at a massive attack to take out the encroaching evil, because if Rasalom survives, the world as he knows it will end. (TOR, Oct., 336 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper