Abducted and sold as an indentured servant, aristocratic Melanie Townsend runs away hoping to find someone who will help her regain her freedom. She is waylaid when she stops at Zachary Pitt's farm to discover he has been mauled by a bear.

Against her better judgment, Melanie stays to care for Zachary's beautiful infant daughter and the irritating, cantankerous man himself. Melanie met Zachary once before. He had refused to believe her story once and he will probably not help her this time, but both Melanie's soft heart and the approach of winter prevents her from leaving.

Zachary is stunned to find Melanie in his home. He remembers the night they met and, though he may not trust the saucy wench, he begins to respect and care for her.

Trust is slow to grow, but by living together Zachary and Melanie begin to build the foundations of a loving relationship. However, Melanie's past continues to haunt them and when the truth about her identity is revealed and attempts are made on her life the couple face new dangers and surprises.

This fast-paced novel will keep readers turning the pages to see what Melanie will get into next. Lively and colorful, DARK EYES will entertain and satisfy readers. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin