Image of The Dark Gate (Silhouette Nocturne)


Image of The Dark Gate (Silhouette Nocturne)
When Larsen Vale sees her own death in a psychic vision while at a wedding, she quickly leaves before it can become reality. On her way out, she runs into police detective Jack Hallihan, and when a rape and murder take place right after her exit, Jack suspects Larsen knows something about his case. The two are soon working together to save the world from an evil elf-like man from another world who can hypnotize people by singing. Can they catch him before he goes home with a key that will open the gate between the two worlds permanently? The Dark Gate (4.5), by Pamela Palmer, is action-packed from beginning to end. Palmer's story is original, and her characters are excellent. Readers won't be able to put this one down.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay