Artist Alexandria Houton hoped her dinner meeting with a video game designer would result in a new job, as Alexandria has been raising her little brother Joshua and money is tight. Joshua is outside the restaurant while Alexandria interviews.

During dinner, Alexandria, who is psychic, begins picking up mental transmissions from a truly evil being outside the restaurant. She races out to rescue her brother and is almost too late. Vampire Paul Yohenstria set up the business dinner to get his teeth into Alexandria. When she tries to fight Paul, he overpowers her and feeds off of her.

Paul does not want to kill Alexandria, he wants to try and make her a Carpathian vampire. The process takes several days and Alexandria is slowly dying. Only the fear of leaving Joshua alone is keeping her from succumbing to the dark side.

Suddenly another force arrives, striking terror into PaulAidan Savage, the Carpathian vampire hunter. Aidan is a Carpathian, but not a vampire; only when Carpathians turn rogue do they become vampires. And unless a male Carpathian finds a lifemate, he runs the risk of turning rogue. To his astonishment, Aidan recognizes that Alexandria is destined to be his lifemate. That is, if she survives the conversion process and can accept her new lifestyle.

The third in Christine Feehans Carpathian series is her best to date. DARK GOLD is imbued with passion, danger and supernatural thrills. (Apr., 312 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith