Almost from birth Jaxon Montgomery's had to learn to survive horrific tragedy and deadly danger. When her father is killed on a mission, her mother marries fellow Navy SEAL Tyler Drake, not realizing the seeds of madness he carries. When Jaxx is a teenager, Tyler snaps and murders her little brother and mother. Tyler remains on the run, resurfacing to kill those who are close to Jaxx. When she becomes a police officer, a rookie's mistake places her and her partner in the line of certain death. Seriously wounded, Jaxx is stolen away by an awesome force that refuses to let her die.

Carpathian Lucian Daratrazanoff spent years pretending to have turned to the dark side and become a vampire. Now that his brother is no longer in danger, Lucian discovers that the life-mate exists in the form of the very human Jaxx. Lucian is almost too late as he rescues Jaxx and gets her partner out of harm's way.

Just when you think Ms. Feehan's series can't get any better, she ups the ante by producing the utterly wonderful DARK GUARDIAN. This book has it all and then some. A true keeper! (May, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith