Image of Dark Harvest (The Onic Empire)


Image of Dark Harvest (The Onic Empire)

This second tale of the Onic Empire is dark indeed. Although not described
too graphically, there are numerous
incidents of rape and torment of both genders, as well as some imaginings
of violent sexual acts. The heroine is spoiled and angry; she treats others harshly and is basically unlovable.
A more thorough explanation of
terms, the society and culture would have helped.

Virgin princess Kasmiri is chosen by Sterlave to be his bondmate. Even though she initially dismissed him as lower class, Kasmiri enjoys exploring varied sexual activities with Sterlave. Then Kasmiri is catapulted to the status of empress when her mother dies unexpectedly, just as the empire is threatened by an evil creature in league with some in the inner circle. Kasmiri and Sterlave work together to defeat the monster and they eventually come to recognize their feelings for each other. (APHRODISIA, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan