Move over "Angel," "Buffy" and "The Highlander"; make room for Dageus MacKelter, a sensual, charismatic and brooding Dark Highlander. For hundreds of years, Dageus has fought off the demons that continually make plays for his soul. Only passionate sex makes him feel and there is only one woman who might be his salvation.

Art historian Chloe Zanders has reservations about bringing a priceless manuscript to Dageau's apartment. Her curiosity lands her tied up in his bed. She is mesmerized by the overwhelming sexuality exuding from his every pore.

Dageau knows Chloe is his soulmate and with her help, decides to return home to Scotland and find a way to reclaim his soul and cast the demons off to the dark side forever.

THE DARK HIGHLANDER is dynamite, dramatic and utterly riveting. Ms. Moning takes the classic plot of good vs. evil, or Jekyll and Hyde, and gives it a new twist. Dageau is the pure alpha male: a mix of raw sex and danger just too tempting to resist. This is a one-night read you'll wish could go on forever. (Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin