Image of The Dark Horse (Forbidden Tarot)


Image of The Dark Horse (Forbidden Tarot)
Cryptographer Claire Coulter is in a tough bind. While she excels at her job at Silicon Valley-based CommOptima, neither she nor her ailing younger brother are in the country legally. Claire is working on getting her green card, but things are tougher for her beloved brother Emilio, who needs a kidney transplant. With all that's going on, when CommOptima owner Tobias Benton requests her help, Claire has no real choice.

Tobias believes that he has a map that may lead to an ancient fountain of youth in the California desert, and he needs Claire's linguistic expertise to try to decipher the codes. Before leaving on this quest, Claire is given a set of strange tarot cards that may be cursed. Little does she know that she will soon be fighting an ancient resurrected evil for her very life.

Rancher Jack Hughes reluctantly agrees to lead Tobias' party into the desert, but Jack is hiding a dark secret. Something eerie happened to him in that desert when he was a teen that has changed him forever.

Some forms of evil refuse to die and continue to find ways to haunt mankind. This novel, the latest excellent installment in Simpson's creepy series of cursed tarot cards and dangerous beings, is sure to provide shivers of delicious danger. (Nov., 366 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith