Image of Dark Hunger


Image of Dark Hunger

Herron has created an original and compelling tale about brothers and their inevitable struggles. But although this is an enjoyable read, it feels as if it were written by two different authors. The first few chapters are descriptive, with seductive and imaginative language that pulls the reader in, but
the remaining chapters are dialogue heavy, without the beautifully descriptive scenes.

CNN reporter Annabelle Armstrong is on a mission to uncover Quinton Valtrez's story. She's convinced he's an assassin, but after witnessing an unexplainable event, she's not so sure. Bound together by circumstance, they must join forces to stop a terrorist attack. As they get closer, Annabelle learns more than she can fathom about the world and Quinton's dark history, yet she is drawn to him both physically and emotionally.

Half-demon/half-human Quinton Valtrez is part of an elite government agency and working for Homeland Security. He uses his superhuman powers to fight evil, including the demons who want to take over the world. When the demons pose as terrorists and use Anabelle to get to him, Quinton must face his biggest challenge ever. (FOREVER, Aug., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton