This look at an alternate reality — where England is left in chaos after a plague has severely reduced the population — is complex and thought-provoking. But the darker, more med-ievalist flair of the 1800s portrayed here may not appeal to all readers. The book also focuses almost exclusively on England and a bit on France, ignoring the effects of England’s ruination on the rest of the world.

Since the plague that ravaged England decimated its populace and created chaos, Grayson Merrick, a major in His Majesty’s army, baron of vast estates, has been hunting for a way to protect his people. While searching an old friend’s estate, he finds Lady Juliette Adair amazingly — and barely — alive. But taking her under his protection causes problems for her when they arrive at his home. Though Juliette believes Grayson to be a good man, she’s not entirely sure she can trust him with the valuable information she possesses. Misinformation and secrets abound, while mistrust leaves the love that is developing between them in a precarious position. (KREEDAUTHOR.WORDPRESS.COM), dl $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley