Image of The Dark Knight


Image of The Dark Knight

Elliott’s Middle Ages seethe with political turmoil that entangles her masterfully created characters in a complex plot. Blending the mysteries of the tarot with dark secrets, assassins, high intrigue and a grand passion, Elliott ensnares readers in her story and holds them in her grasp. Here’s a novel to satisfy a craving for adventure and history, desire and deception, love and loyalty as only a grand mistress of the genre could create.

Dante Chiavari is a thief and assassin, ready for one last mission when he is called upon to perform a task for King Edward: travel to Wales disguised as a knight and abduct Avalene de Forshay. He must make sure Avalene, the last of the royal Welsh line, does not marry Edward’s enemy. If he fails, England and Wales will be at war. Dante is stunned by his instant attraction to Avalene. Their journey is one escapade after another, but she trusts Dante and realizes that the man behind the charade is the man she wants. Avalene is determined to seize her heart’s desire, even after learning of Dante’s perfidy, for their destiny and that of England’s are bound together. (BANTAM, Aug., 450 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin