For two thousand years Carpathian twins Gabriel and Lucian were vampire hunters. Then, in a horrible twist, Lucian turned vampire, forcing Gabriel to hunt after him. Not a quarry easily trapped, Lucian and Gabriel have battled for centuries. Two hundred years ago, Gabriel entrapped Lucian and himself in the earth of a Paris cemetery. Now, modern construction work within the cemetery has disturbed their resting place and Gabriel and his dark brother Lucian are raised from the rubble.

Weakened and in desperate need of blood, Gabriel fears he will lose his own soul before he can restore his strength. Fate is with Gabriel when a unique woman named Francesca Del Ponce allows Gabriel to feed on her. In doing so, it is revealed that she is his lifemate. Francesca, however, is tired of waiting a millennia for Gabriel to arrive. Now all she wants is to live and die like a human.

Things change when the needs of an abused young girl brings Francesca and Gabriel together again. Young Skyler is human, but with a psychic gift. Knowing that she could be the potential lifemate for one of their kind, Francesca and Gabriel vow to protect and raise her. Lucian just might hinder their plans as he wants nothing to interfere with his centuries-long game with his brother.

The amazing Christine Feehan brings forth more Carpathian characters to enrich the world she is so vividly creating. Its vampire romance at its best! (Jan., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith