A slow pace and underdeveloped
characters mar expectations, and a predictable plot subtracts from the suspense element. Therefore, the conclusion is no big surprise. The interaction between the protagonists is confusing at best, since they're by turns irrational and loving. This story could have used a faster pace and more plot development.

P.I. Lisa Womack solves her clients' mysteries but not the mysteries of her own past. After her last harrowing assignment, she returns to Eureka, Calif., to find answers surrounding her father's death almost two decades ago. She never expects to find love, especially not with the enigmatic Mark Trenton.

Mark's cooperation is essential to her investigation since he lives in the lighthouse keeper's cottage, not far from her father's last known location. As their relationship progresses, Lisa is convinced that someone doesn't want her to banish the specters of her past. As the danger heats up, can she trust Mark, especially since he's hiding secrets of his own? (CHAMPAGNEBOOKS.COM, dl $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart