Rae Lambert and her sister Angie are visiting Egypt when Rae stumbles over a strange box in a dried-up lake bed. Disregarding Rae's advice, Angie opens it and finds unusual-looking tarot cards. The card that stands out is that of the dark lord Typhon.

Returning home, Rae decides to take the box to her mentor, Dr. Gregory, but finds out he died suddenly over the weekend. Later Rae receives a cryptic recorded message from Dr. Gregory, who mentions a rare and dangerous object he had hidden in his house. He asks Rae to protect it.

A woman who has stayed far away from men, Rae suddenly finds herself confronted with two very different specimens: Simeon Avare, a handsome and sophisticated friend of Dr. Gregory's, and Michael Gregory, the doctor's estranged son and Rae's former teenage crush. Rae begins to suspect that something very odd is going on. Could Angie have inadvertently released an ancient evil back into this world?

A dark and insidious menace permeates this supernatural tale by the very talented Simpson. It is wonderful to have her back and writing the paranormal thrillers she does so well. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith