Image of Dark Lover (Masters of Time, Book 5)


Image of Dark Lover (Masters of Time, Book 5)

The latest Masters of Time volume continues Joyce's tradition of alpha males being saved from their emotional darkness by heroines from a different time.
In this enthralling story the heroine is an alpha female, which adds incredible conflict to an already powerful romance.

Ian Maclean has a reputation for providing any historical work of art desired by his customers, no questions asked. But beneath his arrogant facade is a man whose greatest fear is being totally powerless, the result of decades of emotional and physical abuse by his grandfather and others he trusted.

Demon slayer and witch Samantha Rose despised Ian when they met previously. But they're forced to work together to recover a page of an ancient book, even though it places him at risk both psychologically and physically. Against their better judgment, they find themselves desiring one another on emotional and physical levels of great depth. These dreaded feelings lead to a highly charged relationship and a romance of immense intensity. (HQN, Aug., 480 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin