Image of Dark Lycan (Carpathian Novel, A)


Image of Dark Lycan (Carpathian Novel, A)

This latest chapter of Feehan’s long-running and exceptional series returns to the Carpathian Mountains and, as a bonus, features a huge number of protagonists from earlier novels. Since their introduction, Dragonseekers Tatijana and her sister Branislava have been fascinating question marks waiting to be explored. Tatijana is, as it turns out, strong, resilient and gutsy, a perfect match for an unusual life mate.

While tracking a dangerous rogue wolf pack led by a Sange rau (vampire/lycan), Fenris Dalka returns to his Carpathian home. However, Fen is masquerading as a lycan, hiding his heritage to avoid a death sentence. From the moment they meet, Fen and Tatijana know they are destined life mates, but under current circumstances neither is in a rush to cement the bonds. Nonetheless they remain a team, willing to do everything in their power to stop a terrible threat against their people, no matter the personal consequences. (BERKLEY, Sep., 390 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith