After centuries of searching, Gregori, the Dark One, has found his soulmate. Savannah is the child of Raven and Prince Mikhail, the leader of the Carpathian race. All Carpathian males are doomed to become corrupted vampires unless they find their lifemate. Gregoris waited as long as possible for Savannah to accept her destiny, but she is independent and stubborn.

Savannah has made a career for herself as a famous magician. One night her friend and manager Peter is murdered by a vampire. Gregori arrives on the scene to vanquish the evil one, and at that moment he decides he can no longer wait. Savannah must bond with him and become his full lifemate. While Savannah has known Gregori for most of her life, she fears being overwhelmed by his powerful personality. Circumstances suddenly make all her issues moot and while they are technically bonded, Savannah and Gregori must still learn to live together. There is also the specter of the dangerous human society that hunts vampires and Carpathians alike. Savannah and Gregori will need to pool their resources to eliminate a powerful and dangerous threat to their race.

Christine Feehans magically enthralling series continues with the story of dark and charismatic Gregori. With each book Ms. Feehan continues to build a complex society that makes for mesmerizing reading. (Jul., 358 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith