Image of Dark Magic (Magic Series, Book 5)


Image of Dark Magic (Magic Series, Book 5)

It's down to the final epic battle in the conclusion of McCray's inspired and magical series. This star-crossed couple faces long odds -- both in their war
with evil and their fight against destiny. Fans of this blistering series won't be
disappointed. McCray does a stellar job
layering the danger, passion and
betrayal. Awesome!

For centuries Cassia has hidden her true nature from the D'Anu witches, whose coven she's joined. Cassia is not a D'Anu witch but a full-blooded Elvin princess and the daughter of the Great Guardian. Although Cassia knows it's time for her to ascend and take her place as a Guardian, she refuses to leave the allies in their battle against the now god-like warlock Darkwolf.

As the human leader of the paranormal special forces, Jake Macgregor has fast become an expert on things otherworldly. Discovering that Cassia is not human doesn't deter Jake, who has long felt a growing bond. But the odds are unfortunately stacked against this pair. Even if they survive the war with Darkwolf, Jake will lose Cassia to her Otherworld duties. (ST. MARTIN'S, Nov., 464 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith