Joanna Carpenter has led a sheltered life as the daughter of a country curate, but the deaths of the local squire and her father throw her into a harsh world.

The new squire plots to make her his mistress, but Joanna chooses to brave the world as a governess. With her unorthodox education, Joanna is offered a post on an isolated island where her orphaned charges are a bright-eyed girl and her mentally- challenged brother.

Sir Giles Chapman spends little time at home with his dissipated step-sister, Eleanor, and her distasteful friends. Once married to Eleanor's friend, Giles learned that beauty can mask evil and he prefers to immerse himself in his engineering.

Joanna's arrival changes everything. Her love brings light into the children's lives and her beauty angers jealous Eleanor and everything about her begs Giles to take another chance at life.

DARK MOON combines a truly threatening evil with a heart-warming love story. All this is wrapped in a well-written story that makes this book a real gem. SENSUAL (Dec., 391 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce