Dr. Elise Hanover has spent her career desperately searching for a cure to the virus that causes lycanthropy. A werewolf herself, Elise caught the virus in vitro, when her pregnant mother was bitten, but she hasn't been cursed by the demon that takes away a person's soul once they are bitten. Unfortunately, it was the hormonal changes of true love that first caused Elise to change into wolf form.

FBI agent Nic Franklin has always suspected that his college girlfriend Elise was murdered since she suddenly disappeared without a trace. Little did he know that she went underground to join the Jager-Suchers' secret government organization. Finding Elise once again in the middle of an eerie and dangerous case feels like fate. But nothing can prepare Nic for what he is about to learn about his lost love—and the world at large. Dangerous powers are being manipulated and, in order to stop them, Elise is going to have to learn to trust in herself and her unique abilities.

Danger, excitement and chills leap off the pages of Handeland's thriller. The world of the Jager-Suchers is multifaceted and dark, and no one delivers better thrills than Handeland. Long may this series reign! (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
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July 2005