Image of Dark of the Moon


Image of Dark of the Moon

Krinard takes her cue for this vampire suspense novel from classic detective
stories by the likes of Mickey Spillane and Eric Ambler. Using her setting well, Krinard tells a great story about a powerful relationship and grips the reader emotionally and intellectually.

After killing his maker, Dorian Black flees upstate New York for the city. On his first night there he rescues a woman floating in the East River. It turns out to be reporter Gwen Murphy, who was attacked while investigating gang warfare. She thinks vampires are controlling the gangs, and Dorian is unwillingly drawn into her investigation.

Their discovery of a cult leads them into grave danger as three city gangs prepare for a showdown. This is Dorian's chance to redeem his soul and get answers about his life's purpose -- and his relationship with Gwen. (HQN, Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin