Image of Dark Moon (Spirit Wild)


Image of Dark Moon (Spirit Wild)

Douglas continues her Spirit Wild series with this stellar entry where familiar Chanku shifters join new family members in the adventure. It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride as Mikaela and Ig join their bodies and minds, and then Sunny and Fen meld with them. The quartet engages in amazing sexual encounters that include m/m, f/f and mating in animal form.

When Mikaela Star Fuentes left her home and family almost 14 years ago, it was to avoid her teenage feelings for her spirit guide, Igmutaka. Now she’s returning to face him — and hopefully to get him out of her system — but she doesn’t realize Ig returns her feelings and is willing to sacrifice everything for her. Meanwhile, Ig and Sunny Daye are friends and occasional lovers, but not mates. When game warden Fen Ahlberg stumbles across poachers, he shifts into a wolf for the first time since he was a cub and, after demolishing the poachers, discovers he can’t shift back. He runs into Sunny as a wolf, and she guides him back to the Chanku homestead ... and change their lives forever. (APHRODISIA, Feb., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown