Investigative reporter Jake Mahoney figured it would be a typical political photo op, but since the reporter who was supposed to cover Riley O'Brien's speech is unavailable, Jake has to fill in. Riley is the daughter of Senator Carter O'Brien, who is currently running for President. The speech goes as planned, but the car bomb exploding afterwards causes quite a ruckus. Was Jake the target of the bomb or was Riley?

Jake and Riley meet again at the scene of police chief Douglas Michael's "suicide." Jake's instincts warn him something strange is going on and that Riley is in the middle.

The clues lead to the past, when Jake is sent a copy of Riley's older sister Caroline'swho died in a tragic accident years earlierdeath certificate. Riley claims the certificate is a fake, as it indicates that Caroline was pregnant at the time of her death. But why would the certificate be fake and why would someone want to reopen Caroline's death?

For her own piece of mind, Riley must find out the truth. However, finding the truth and surviving long enough to expose it are two entirely different things.

Intrigue, deception and murder make DARK OF THE NIGHT a great way to spend your entertainment hours. Author Dee Davis is making quite a name for herself in the romantic suspense field. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith