Image of Dark of Night (Troubleshooters, Book 14)


Image of Dark of Night (Troubleshooters, Book 14)

Suspense maven Brockmann picks up the action directly after the dramatic events of Into the Fire. Not only is this book a fast-paced thriller, it also tackles the long-standing romantic triangle of Decker, Sophia and Dave. The omnipresent nature of the threat against the Troubleshooters provides real chills. A true Brockmann masterpiece!

In the aftermath of the supposed murder of Troubleshooter Jimmy Nash, only a couple of people know the truth. To find out who tried to kill him, Decker, Tess and Jules Cassidy take extraordinary steps to keep his survival a secret. In their grief over Nash, Sophia Ghaffari and Dave Malkoff finally cross the line from friends to lovers.

But their happiness may be short-lived after Dave is attacked and framed for murder. Someone is targeting various members of the Troubleshooters, but why? Frighteningly, this remorseless enemy always seems to be several steps ahead. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 400 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith