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Rumors say madness crippled the Wulf family bloodline, but the truth is much darker. A witch cursed the sons of Wulf with the mark of the beast. Armond Wulf, the Marquess of Wulfglen, accepts his fate as a social outcast and vows to never love or marry. He lives a dark and lonely life until his new neighbor, Lady Rosalind Rutherford, approaches him during a ball and begs him to ruin her reputation.

Lady Rosalind's abusive stepbrother has been tricked into coming to London. He intends to sell her for the highest bride price to pay off his exorbitant gambling debt. Rosalind believes the only way to escape a loveless marriage is to compromise her virtue.

While Wulf has the darkest reputation in society, he demonstrates more gentlemanly restraint than Rosalind expects. Despite the gossip that hangs over Wulf, despite her brother's warning to stay away, Rosalind finds herself drawn to the mysterious Marquess. Perhaps he can save her from her cruel brother, but would she be exchanging a monster of one kind for another?

The Wulf series was born in 2003, when Thompson wrote "A Wulf's Curse" for the Midnight Pleasures anthology. In this, book one of the Wild Wulfs of London trilogy, Thompson has written a superior paranormal Regency about Sterling's oldest brother.

She has created a deliciously dark world and blended it with speckles of humor, great passion and exceptional characters. Armond is the sexy kind of hero, one who makes a woman yearn for a better man of her own. This book will grab you from its first line and not let go, even when the last word is read. Look for book two, The Untamed One, next summer. (Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Clark