Kidnapped from her home on planet Traber to be sold as a common slave, Alyssa Palonui, princess of Oceanus, is saved from life in a brothel by the mysterious Sultan of Aradi, Rahim Al Sayyed.

Alyssa has faced many cruelties, so trust does not come easy for her. She can only imagine what may be in store for her with Rahim. He surprises her, though, vowing to set her free. Along their dangerous journey, Alyssa falls in love with this kindly stranger.

This is a story of love and trust against countless obstacles. Alyssa's gentle nature and special gift for communicating with the creatures of her planet is especially entertaining. This highly graphic novel boasts a solid plot with adventure and action at every turn. (Apr., 260 pp., $12.50)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine J. Turcotte