This is a taut drama in which good has a difficult time keeping ahead of the dark and the next twist in the action is hard to guess.

Four-year-old Sara has nightmares about the dark and warns her mother, Kate, to be careful. Sara claims to hear information that could only come from her father, Johnny, but Kate doesn't want to admit that her husband could communicate with them from beyond the grave. The next evening, Kate is poisoned and hit by a car. It is only the voice of her deceased husband that pulls her from the brink.

When Kate wakes up in the hospital, Dr. Ray Benson is her physician. He eventually introduces her to Father Mike, and together they begin a battle against the dark that began for Kate the day her husband was killed. She remembers a dark cloud or shadow that made his horse panic. Now they must defeat the sinister force that wants Kate and Sara for their untapped extraordinary powers.

(May, 268 pp., $15.50)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown